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Babybugz is an adorable baby clothing brand that makes your little one stand out with their array of styles and fits. Through their wide range of baby styles and accessories, Babybugz has grown into one of the top baby apparel lines in the UK. Their products are made with the best quality fabrics making sure that your little one is comfortable with their everyday wear.

Some of their more popular products include the Babybugz Baby Sweatshirt and the Babybugz Stripped Hooded T. Both products are made from comfortable cotton and polyester blend materials and make for the perfect at home or out of town wear for your baby. Aside from these two outstanding products, Babybugz offers a wide variety of clothing in a wide range of colours. With their ever growing stock you are sure to find the right match for your baby.

At ClickWear, we aim to bring you the best in infant style at wholesale prices. With bulk orders of Babybugz apparel, we can assure you that our prices are the most competitive in the online shopping market. We carry high stock of all Babybugz apparel to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it. We also provide a way to make your baby apparel products unique through our customisation services, great for nursuries, inspired entrepreneurs and events. You can choose from high quality silk screen printing, direct to garment printing or embroidery. Imagine having the perfect baby outfit with your choice of design or text imprinted right on the fabric!

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