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Screen Printing

      • Most cost effective for large quantities & few colours
      • Durable and long lasting
      • High quality finish
      • 7-10 day turnaround
      • Applicable for most garments
    • All Adobe files are accepted, plus common files such as .png. Artwork should be 300dpi at the size you would like it printing. PDF or similar is best for job sheets.
      Please keep all files as RGB. Each job can only contain 50mb of files. If you need to go over this then export your artwork as a png (compressed) with a transparent background at 300dpi instead. These are much smaller than psds/tiffs etc and will provide the highest quality output.
      You will be provided a proof to accept before a job is commenced.
    • The more you print, the cheaper it gets! As we don't charge for setting up screens, our prices offer fantastic savings the more you print. Please note that each design you provide is treated as a seperate job.

    • Is there a minimum order?

      In short, yes. Due to the set up time and costs, it's only viable to screen print when you are doing over 25 prints. For smaller order (under 25), we recommend our DTG Printing service.

      Can I supply my own garments?

      We hold significant stocks of garments in our warehouses, with immediate access to turn jobs around quickly. We supply garments at extremely competitive rates, and have found that customers prefer us to offer a one-stop solution.

      How long before I get my finished products?

       Delivery times vary with our current work flow, as a guide DTG prints are dispatched with 48-72 hours, and screen printed / embroidery jobs between 7-10 days. All times are based on us having all necessary design files and that visual proofs are promptly signed off.

      Can I outsource my printing to you?

      Yes! We can dropship orders direct to your customers, with no paperwork enclosed, so they'll never know it came from us.

      I'm on a tight deadline, can you rush orders?

      We'll try whenever possible to fit around your timescales. Tell us what you need and we'll do whatever we can. It all depends on our current workflow. It may be that for some rush-orders there will be a premium to pay to cover staff overtime etc; if that is the case, we'll let you know!

      What about returns/reprints/mistakes?

      This is a trade service. Our mistake, we reprint at our cost. Your mistake, we reprint at your cost. So, please check your artwork proofs that are provided before a job is commenced. If you are unsure about anything- we are always happy to help.

Screen printing has been around for hundreds of years and is a proven method of personalising garments at relatively low costs. At ClickWear we print t-shirts, hoodies, polos and bags by the thousand every day on our screen printing machines. Screen printing is ideal for higher volume runs, particularly if the design has very few colours. If you require less than 50 garments, we generally recommend printing via DTG digital printing for designs with multiple colours.

Each colour of your design is separated and printed out onto a film positive and exposed onto a silk screen. Each screen is then lined up on the printing machine inks are mixed to the colours in your design and then added to the screens. The inks are then pushed through the mesh by the squeegees (rubber blades)  onto the garment to create your image. The items are then carefully removed from the machine platens and then fed through the tunnel dryer at a temperature of 190 degrees, this cures the ink into the fabric which ensure the print will last as long as the garment. 

Although screen printing is the most economic method of garment decoration, the set up is time consuming and for smaller runs can work out expensive. We would recommend that if you have more than 2 colours in your design and need less than 50 items you use the digital printing option

Due to the time and costs of originating and setting up the screens, the more you buy, the cheaper the printing becomes. For cheap screen printing, you want to order as many as possible at a time. Our machines can accomodate up to 12 colours and can print up to 750 t-shirts an hour.

 If you need 100 plus t-shirts with a small number of colours in the design then screen printing is definitely for you. Click above to add this to your order, or if you have any questions always feel free to speak with one of the printing team.

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